Al-Ula Residence – NLÉ

Al-Ula Residence

The Future of Living is in the Past.


The rich history and environment of Al Ula suggests and contains insights into sustainable approaches to its future.


Located at the threshold of city and nature, our proposal for a residence in Al Ula is a bridge to the oasis – from the dense public cityscape to the lush private landscape – that has been for many generations the key to life and suste- nance.

Learning from the environment, the intelligence of a simple vernacular, con- temporary exterior building form is adopted with a traditional interior courtyard and living core, creating a series of intimate and grand spaces characterised by a play of light and layers of shaded spaces. With the use of local compressed earth blocks within a resilient concrete frame, renewable energy system, water retention pond, and farm to table living, this residence in Al Ula offers a holistic experience of living.