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Building Industries in African Water Cities

The resources of Durban seem to be –at first glance –mostly natural. And as it is the case for developing countries, the order of business is to have natural raw material exported, and processed product imported.

But Durban seems to be trying to break this tendency by paying attention to the oportunity to develop industry in-house. Although still lacking, the city seems to be eager to invest in human capital, and there are signifacnt efforts to try to bridge gaps between economic and race classes. This becomes apparent as there are a number of organizations focusing in the investment and development of small and micro enterpises –as they are valued assets to the economy of the city.

Although famous for mining, South Africa is facing serious environmental issues due to this practice, and it seems like there are effforts in moving away from it and investing in other as an economic resource.

The Port in Durban –although uncapable to meet the current deman –posses an oportunity for the development and distribution of locally made capital to a larger audience.

In short, the Resources for Durban, may seem at short sight just natural and in raw form –but its current infrasturcture, its valuable port, and its overall willingness to incorporate all participants of the metropolitan area as valuable human capital, makes the resources of Durban a key component for the oportunity to keep pushing the city forward.