MAD Workshop MacArthur Floating School – NLÉ

MAD Workshop MacArthur Floating School

MacArthur Floating School is the third generation and 5th iteration of NLÉ’s Makoko Floating School and Makoko Floating System (MFS™) – a prefabricated, ready-to-assemble, floating building product. Following its deployment in four countries in three continents, MacArthur Floating School is the first time reuse and reassembly of an existing structure previously installed in the city of Bruges, Belgium for the Bruges Triennale 2018. It is also the debut of Makoko Floating System in North America.

In each iteration and country, Makoko Floating System has been a transformative intervention within its local context, providing alternative perspectives on the changing relationships between humanity and the environment, economy and resources, education and culture. In its Los Angeles adaptation, our involvement in MacArthur Floating School aims to contribute to the revival of the historic and once iconic MacArthur/Westlake Park and its community, through unique architecture, collaborative production and public programming.

MADWORKSHOP Update March 2020:
We’ve made the difficult decision to cancel the MacArthur Floating School, in accordance with the current public health crisis. Though we are disappointed about the circumstances, we are inspired by the dozens of organizations and individuals who came together to celebrate the neighborhood and its youth.