We recognize and harness the value of arts and culture as a resource in our approaches to design, urban transformation and social development.

Cosmopolis #1.5

Chengdu, China 2018

Cosmopolis #1.5: Enlarged Intelligence, opening November 2 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in south-west China, presents artworks and programs by almost 60 artists and groups, exploring ecology, technology and the commons, and envisioning how we today may draw on intelligent technologies, as well as on ecological intelligence, to advance social values—rather than leaving capital to largely define the… Continue reading Cosmopolis #1.5

House of Worship at Art Basel Miami

Miami, USA 2019

Situated on Miami Beach, the House of Worship is a syncretic place of worship for diverse cultures, spirituality and histories, to heighten consciousness and coexistence between humanity and our changing environment. The House of Worship is a concept proposal for a temporary pavilion for Art Basel 2019.


New York, USA May 15, 2018

IPADÉ is a gathering for cultural innovation and sustainability with focus on Africa and the diaspora. In advance of the 2019 opening of The Shed, New York’s first multi-arts center for artistic invention, NLÉ hosted IPADÉ – a one day social gathering at the NLÉ designed temporary performance space, A Prelude to The Shed. IPADÉ… Continue reading IPADÉ

Fashion Cities Africa

| Exhibition | Tropenmuseum, The Netherlands 2017-2018

Fashion Cities Africa unfolds the dazzling diversity of the fashion scene in four major African cities: Casablanca (Morocco), Johannesburg (South Africa), Nairobi (Kenya) and Lagos (Nigeria). The concept inverts the traditional relationship of observer and the observed in a typical exhibition. The main visitor circulation on the raised catwalk gives visitors a unique perspective, while… Continue reading Fashion Cities Africa

ROCK & The Bean

Chicago, USA 2015

‘ROCK & The Bean’ is work in progress – a moment in the state of the art of architecture – in the green heart of Chicago’s famous Millennium Park. The exhibition consists of salvaged historic raw limestone rocks that once protected the city’s shoreline, stacked in a ‘depository’ in the south side, now midway on… Continue reading ROCK & The Bean

Vitra: Making Africa

Vitra Museum, Germany 2015

From March 2015, a major exhibition by the Vitra Design Museum sheds new light on contemporary African design. Showcasing the work of over 120 artists and designers, »Making Africa – A Continent of Contemporary Design« illustrates how design accompanies and fuels economic and political changes on the continent. Africa is presented as a hub of… Continue reading Vitra: Making Africa

MoMA: Uneven Growth

New York, USA 2014

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and most populous country, is inhabited by over 170 million people. Lagos, its commercial capital, is home to about 20 million people, many of whom live in unplanned settlements with little formal infrastructure. Lagos is a paradigmatic mix of traditions, a place where history, culture, and popular wisdom interweave local knowledge… Continue reading MoMA: Uneven Growth

Designs of the Year 2014

Design Museum, London 2014

“Now in its seventh year, Designs of the Year gathers together a year of cutting-edge innovation and original talent; showcasing the very best in global Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphic, Product and Transport design. Featuring Kate Moss’s favourite app, a floating school in a Nigerian lagoon, friendly lamp posts, a mobile phone you can build… Continue reading Designs of the Year 2014

Design Indaba Expo

Cape Town, South Africa 2014

“Design Indaba Expo heralds the South African creative industry, presenting visitors with the best in homegrown design. The Expo is also a dynamic platform for designers and creative businesses to showcase their wares and market themselves to the general public and industry buyers. Since 2004 Design Indaba Expo has been held annually at the Cape… Continue reading Design Indaba Expo

Lagos Photo

Lagos, Nigeria 2010

Lagos Photo Festival is a contemporary photo exhibition in public spaces in Lagos, organized by the African Artists Foundation. In its the maiden edition in 2010, NLÉ as Creative Director and co-curator of the exhibition; developed the ‘Bamboo Photo Frame’ as a product concept for outdoor image exhibitions. The Bamboo Photo Frame merges high tech… Continue reading Lagos Photo