Kunlé Adeyemi #60 in de duurzame top 100. ‘Adeyemi komt uit Nigeria, studeerde daar ook architectuur, en werkt, deels, in Nederland. Hij was zo’n tien jaar verbonden aan het Rotterdamse Office for Metropolitan Architecture (Oma) waar hij samenwerkte met Rem Koolhaas. In Amsterdam richtte hij het architectenkantoor NLÉ op. De nieuwkomer op de lijst ziet… Continue reading TROUW – OCTOBER 2016


Africa Rising calls stereotypes and archaic clichés into question. A comprehensive portrait of Africa manifests from marrying Peter Mabeo’s furniture made from indigenous wood or Nobukho Nqaba’s body of photographic work that handles the themes of migration and foreignness through the clever use of every day objects or the publicly-minded architecture of David Adjaye with… Continue reading AFRICA RISING


Jocks&Nerds is a quarterly men’s style magazine founded in 2010. It is recognised for its documentary style photography and journalistic integrity, claiming a roster of well-respected cultural writers, stylists and photographers amongst its staff and contributors. Kunlé Adeyemi was interviewed for their Lagos special issue.


“Adeyemi’s is the strongest of the lot, a mocking mirror reinterpreting Kent’s classical tripartite composition in the form of oversized stone-clad blocks with a soft white lining, arranged in a manner that is already tempting passing families and dogs to clamber across it. Its sense of ruination feels particularly apt, somehow marking the end of… Continue reading GUARDIAN – JUNE 2016


Deze week zijn in Londen het Serpentine Pavilion en vier Summer Houses geopend voor het publiek. Het paviljoen, de zestiende in de serie, is ontworpen door BIG. Het Nederlands-Nigeriaanse bureau Kunlé Adeyemi – NLÉ ontwierp een van de geabstraheerde zomerhuisjes.


Initiated by outgoing gallery director Julia Peyton-Jones, the Serpentine Gallery’s programme of pavilion building began at the turn of the century with a tensile structure by the late Zaha Hadid. Sixteen years later, and the pavilion is a highlight of the summer calendar, both in terms of its creative direction and as a venue for… Continue reading WALLPAPER – JUNE 2016


in addition to the 16th annual pavilion designed by bjarke ingels, four summer houses realized by kunlé adeyemi, barkow leibinger, yona friedman, and asif khan form part of 2016’s ‘serpentine architecture programme’. the temporary structures are inspired by queen caroline’s temple, a nearby classical style summer house built in 1734. rather than using models, drawings,… Continue reading DESIGNBOOM – JUNE 2016

Aga Khan Development Framework – May 2016

Makoko Floating School shortlisted for Aga Khan Award for Architecture. An alternative building system that provides space for education and cultural programmes in Africa’s coastal regions. Some 80,000 people reside in Makoko, in a stilt settlement south of Lagos, built over water, served by only one English-speaking primary school on reclaimed land susceptible to flooding.… Continue reading Aga Khan Development Framework – May 2016

The Architects Newspaper – May 2016

There is always much to make one feel angry and discouraged and the Venice Architecture Biennale (more on that later). But then something unexpected and magical happens to save the day and remind us why this event (and city) is so special and worth coming to every year. NLÉ‘s Makoko Floating School project is well… Continue reading The Architects Newspaper – May 2016


Beguiling images of the Makoko Floating School in Lagos, Nigeria, have been a ubiquitous presence on design blogs of late. But Lagos is not easy to get to, and here, Aravena has made it possible for the Biennale’s many visitors to explore this modest structure at first hand. He tapped Kunlé Adeyemi and his firm,… Continue reading ARTNET NEWS – MAY 2016


During the venice architecture biennale, the silver lion for a promising young participant was awarded to NLÉ works (kunlé adeyemi) for the ‘makoko floating school’ ‘for a powerful demonstration, be it in lagos or in venice, that architecture, at once iconic and pragmatic, can amplify the importance of education.’

Venice Biennale 2016 Winners – May 2016

NLÉ received the Silver Lion for a Promising Young Participant in the International Exhibition Reporting From the Front for his Makoko Floating School. The jury cited, “a powerful demonstration, be it in Lagos or in Venice, that architecture, at once iconic and pragmatic, can amplify the importance of education.”


Venice Architecture Biennale 2016: Nigerian architect Kunlé Adeyemi has been awarded the Silver Lion for bringing his floating school to the Venice Biennale, as part of his ongoing research into building for flood-prone regions.


CCTV Africa visit Makoko Floating School to speak to the headmaster Noah Shemede and his students about their experiences since attending class there.


Thomson Reuters capture some candid photographs of a typical day at Makoko Floating School

NBC NEWS – March 2016

An aid-funded floating school is a beacon of hope for the Makoko fishing community in Nigeria.

Financial Times – March 2016

Instead of simply building flood defences, designers are beginning to create structures and buildings that embrace water.


‘Lagos shows how a city can recover from a deep, deep pit’: Rem Koolhaas talks to Kunlé Adeyemi In 1997 two architects set out to rethink Lagos, an African megacity that had been largely abandoned by the state. Amid the apparent chaos and crime, they discovered remarkable patterns of organisation. Two decades later, Rem Koolhaas… Continue reading THE GUARDIAN – FEBRUARY 2016

Wallpaper – February 2016

Earlier this month, news of the expanded Serpentine Pavilion sent ripples of excitement through the capital, and now we’ve been granted a first look at the main pavilion and accompanying four Summer Houses taking shape this summer.

Designboom – February 2016

unveiled at the same time as this year’s serpentine pavilion design by bjarke ingels group (BIG), four other architects have been commissioned to present their version of a summer house/folly. the expanded program intends to introduce contemporary architecture to a wider audience with the design of a summer house which references a classical building by… Continue reading Designboom – February 2016


Climate change, urbanization and floodings: the aquatic city of Makoko, Nigeria.


In a village stricken with poverty, the Makoko Floating School in Lagos serves as an educational model of how to build prosperous communities on the water.


In tandem with the 16th Pavilion in 2016, the Serpentine Galleries has expanded its internationally acclaimed programme of exhibiting architecture in a built form by commissioning four architects to each design a 25sqm Summer House. The four Summer Houses are inspired by the nearby Queen Caroline’s Temple, a classical style summer house, built in 1734… Continue reading SERPENTINE GALLERY – FEBRUARY 2016

Louisiana Channel – January 2016

7 Architects Bridging Cultures “Doing architecture is listening.” Some of the greatest architects of our time – from Peter Zumthor to Jean Nouvel and Diébédo Francis Kéré – here share their inspirational thoughts on what it is that makes global architecture work.