AfricaNews | August 2021

At night, the Mansa Floating Hub dazzles. The mix of disco and neon lights kissing the Atlantic and then back to shore adds to the glamour and life at the hub. Situated in the beautiful bay of Mindelo, on São Vicente Island in Cape Verde, Mansa is a hub for creatives, artists, and activists. Its… Continue reading AfricaNews | August 2021

Construction Review Online | August 2021

Mansa Floating Hub whose construction begun last year in Porto Grande Bay (also known as Mindelo Bay), north coast of the island of São Vicente in Cape Verde, has finally opened its door for people to attend musical festivities, book for private events, or just go to experience its scenery, views, and hospitality offering. Designed… Continue reading Construction Review Online | August 2021

Wallpaper Magazine | August 2021

Kunlé Adeyemi’s Floating Music Hub kicks off the party in Cape Verde The Floating Music Hub in Cape Verde, by NLÉ, opens to the public offering a cultural venue like no other

World’s Greatest Places – Time Magazine | JULY 2021

The West African island of São Vicente, Cape Verde, has vibrant musical and cultural scenes, which with the opening of the new Floating Music Hub now extend to the bay of Mindelo, its capital city. This project from architect and designer Kunlé Adeyemi consists of three separate but linked timber pavilions: a recording studio; a… Continue reading World’s Greatest Places – Time Magazine | JULY 2021


As climate change accelerates, one of the many contributing factors is the built environment — that is, the structures people havecreated over eons, including buildings and infrastructure like bridges and roads.Increasingly — although perhaps not quite fast enough — people are thinking about how to do less harm and how to build moresustainably, how to… Continue reading NEW YORK TIMES | JUNE 2021